Missing in Action – and Versatile Blogger Award – my first!


I know, I know, I’ve been missing now for the past month.

Let’s say that as soon as I got back from Colombia that I’ve been non-stop since. I know that’s no excuse – but work has kept me crazy busy and I’ve done a little traveling in between – with two weekends in a row in New York City.

But I’m back – and have a few posts lined up. I still have a ton to share about Colombia – and I figured out a way to not overwhelm you. I plan on doling out bits about my trip throughout my random posts. You’ll have one that I’ll be posting later tonight.

While I was missing in action, Mike of The Mike/Mitch Project awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award. Which is the first award I’ve ever gotten for blogging. So thank you Mike!

I’m supposed to tell you 7 random things about me… I’m not too sure how random but I’ll give it a go…

1. I’m a huge fan of Survivor and the Amazing Race – I would do either of those shows in an instant! And not only do I watch them religiously, but I read up on the contestants, read their elimination interviews, watch extra videos on the websites, etc. Yep… I’m a nerd.

2. I don’t own an ironing board… I iron my clothes on the floor. And every time I go to buy an ironing board, I tend to forget to get it or find a reason not to buy one. Eh… I don’t need perfectly crisp clothes.

3. I don’t own dining room chairs… yet. I have a dining room table – just no chairs. I’m hoping to get chairs for my birthday present from my parents (my birthday is this month).

4. I can read books over and over again. I’ve lost count of times I’ve reread books. It’s just not once or twice – more like 10 times or more. Like I said in # 1 – I’m a nerd.

5. I don’t drink coffee – caffeine makes me too jittery.

6. I’ve eaten flan for breakfast – using the justification that it is made of basically all eggs.

7. I cry very easily. I found myself watching Susan Lucci’s win for her daytime Emmy – her first after 18 nominations… and I found myself crying for her… despite the fact that this happened more than 10 years ago, but I had never seen it (that’s my excuse and I’ll stick with it).

Okay – now you know 7 random facts about me. Next thing about this award – is that I have to give it to more of my favorite bloggers… so here goes…

The Romaezis – maintained by my best friend Jamie – who is one of the bravest women I know. She was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks pregnant when her water broke. This happened two days before Christmas. Doctors expected her to deliver her baby boy, Kamran, within 72 hours – but through her strength (and her Husband’s too), she was able to hold off until 35 weeks. Doctors consider her and Kamran to be a miracle and I agree. She gave birth just two weeks ago. She’s home now, but baby Kamran is not and is still in the NICU but getting stronger each day and will hopefully be home soon. I am in awe of Jamie, Kayvan and Kamran.

Don’t Look Down: Living Without Nets – Another Jamy (spelled differently) – who I knew threw work. She now lives in Connecticut but I’ve enjoyed getting to know more about her via her blog. It is so funny, honest, and real. Jamy – you are definitely a versatile blogger.

The Startup Wife:  Blogger Kelly lives out in California – near my favorite city of San Francisco. I enjoy her blog a lot and it’s filled with bits of life and just interesting observations. It’s a must read on my Google Reader.

A Pre-Life Crsis – Written by a 20-something Lily living her life in Boston. It’s a hilarious look at life as a women in your twenties. About being single, about growing up. And when I need a good laugh, I read Lily’s blog. I enjoy her observations and her biting wit.

101 Things to Do Before You Die: A blog I found when Jessica commented on one of my posts. I love the concept and I like seeing things on her list that are the same as mine.

La Blondie Peruana: A blog I found… I don’t remember how – but I enjoy it for sure. Amanda lives in Peru with her husband and they are missionaries down there. I love reading how people live overseas and their experiences. And since I’m going to Peru in September, it’s always nice to know how the country from their blogs. I enjoy Amanda’s adventures there in Peru.

Okay, I’m done with giving at awards… for now.

More posts to follow…

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  1. You’re too sweet! THANKS!!!!! I feel very honored to be included 🙂 Will work on this post soon and pass along the fun!

    A few comments:

    2. I iron EVERYTHING…even my jeans, if they have wrinkles.
    4. ME TOO! I loooove books and even if I reread one, I feel like it’s the first time.
    5. Yikes! I love coffee…but I guess we can still be friends 😉
    7. Ditto! Today I was listening to music, and a song came on (I can’t even remember which one it was now) but it was from a musical, and I started crying! LOL! and then I was thinking…if Shaun came out here right now he would think I was insane!

    Happy Monday!

  2. P.S. Im not really sure WHY my husband’s picture came up?!?! He has a wordpress account but I am clearly signed in with my blogspot account….soooooo, yea. I dont know. Either way, Its ME!

  3. Oh, this totally made my day!! Thank you! 🙂 And I’m so glad to see you back, and I can’t WAIT to hear more about the trip! Yours is definitely my favorite travel blog!

    And I TOTALLY read books over and over again too–right now I’ve been on this really nostalgic Anne of Green Gables kick!

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